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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for the most common questions regarding fencing. Anything we haven't mentioned or answered, please contact us.


Does it hurt to fence?

Fencing is actually one of the safest sports to compete in. Fencers wear protective clothing and masks, and the weapons do not have points or edges. 


Fencing is a contact and combat sport. Bruises are inevitable, but the pleasure of fencing stays around long after the bruises fade.


I’m not exactly athletic. Can I still fence?

Yes. Fencing is quite physical, but is also a sport of mental agility and tactics. And you’ll be surprised how quickly your fitness improves after a few training sessions!


As for any sport, if you are older or have cardiac issues, we recommend you get checked by a doctor first.


At what age can you start fencing?

The ideal age to start fencing is at the age of 7 or 8 years old. Thats the age where most children are curious and get into different sports and hobbies to see what suits them. Adults can start anytime and we have no age restrictions on who can start fencing.


How much does it cost to get involved in fencing?

Please refer to our Affiliation and Costs page for a reference in terms of the fees involving FencingWA. Please contact your local club to find out more about their fees.


What does "Affiliation" mean?

This is your membership with FencingWA, it gives access to FWA Competitions, Training and development. It also gives you Insurance cover. You can find out more about affilation here


What is the difference between affiliated and non affiliated clubs?

Affiliated clubs are members of FencingWA and are supported by the association to host state competitions and training in some cases. They are also Insured as affiliated clubs. Non Affiliated clubs are not members and therefore not covered by Insurance.


How can I do my affiliation?

You can affiliate with FencingWA through the affiliation link above the menu or you can also click here


Do I have to compete in any of the events?

Not at all! Many fencers train only at club level for fun and fitness and don’t compete at state competitions. It is up to each individuals discretion if they want to get into competing.


Where can I purchase equipment for training and competition?

Some clubs have beginner level equipment for sale, which is fine for training and state-level competitions. For competition -grade equipment (800N or more), you can order from importers in Australia or direct from the overseas supplier.


Talk to your club for gear recommendations and contacts for importers and suppliers.

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