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About FencingWA

Our Vision

To promote the growth and development of the sport of fencing across the state to people of all ages, genders, cultures and abilities.


Our Mission

  • To Assist our member clubs in supporting and promoting sustainable grassroots fencing in the state.

  • To increase participation and Increase lifelong involvement in Fencing.

  • To Maintain the long-term financial viability of fencing in WA

  • To Increase the standard and consistency of Coaching and Officiating.

Board of Directors

Meet the people who volunteer their time to ensure that FencingWA runs smoothly through every step of the way



Here you can find the rules and various information regarding FencingWA and its associated bodies.

Life Members

FencingWA recognizes the achievements and work of members in all aspect of the sport.


What is Fencing?

Find out more about the sport of fencing.

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