Updated Competition Rules – Important Changes to Check-In Procedure

The FencingWA Competition Rules have been updated and can be found in the Documents section. A significant change has been made to the event procedure in terms of check-in and start times:

It is the responsibility of fencers to allow time to arrive at the competition venue well before the advertised start time. From ten minutes prior to the advertised start time, fencers may present themselves to the DT or assistant for check-in. Roll call will commence for each competition five minutes prior to the start time and the names of all pre-registered fencers not already checked in will be called out and they will be checked in if they respond. If any pre-registered fencers are not checked in, there will be a final roll call made at the advertised start time. If fencers are not checked in by the final roll call, they will be removed from the competition.

This change has been introduced to align our practice more closely with what fencers can expect at AFF events. It will prevent the previously common occurrence of fencers who have done the right thing having to wait around for the potential late arrival of others. You are advised to arrive at the venue 30 minutes prior to the advertised start time, because:

The competition will commence promptly at the start time. It is essential to be on time for competitions and to have warmed up prior to fencing. Fencers should be dressed and ready to fence with all equipment confirmed to be working and legal by the time of the final roll call.

Other changes to the rules include allowance for video refereeing and a clarification of what happens when a fencer withdraws between the mixed and minority-gender parts of an event.