U15 and U17 Nationals to be held in Perth

Dear Fencers and Fencing Families,

Even though you might not have thought about your child fencing in a national competition before, this year FencingWA is hosting the 2017 Australian Cadet and U15 Championships. I competed in my first national championships when cadets were in Perth in 2010. I had only ever fenced one state competition and was wearing someone else’s whites, but it was a fantastic introduction to the sport at a national level for me and my parents.

This year our Under15 and Under17 fencers get the rare opportunity to compete in the National Cadet and Under15 Championships here in Perth, which means there will be no costly flights and Hotel bills, allowing our young fencers to compete at a high level without you as parents incurring a lot of expense.

It will be at least another 5 years before the Australian Fencing Federation will consider moving this competition away from NSW as they have committed to holding it there till 2022.

Please see the attached competition schedule. It is also on the AFF website see link below.



Eligible aged fencers who want to take the opportunity to compete need to speak to their coaches about this and their preparation.

Please also look at the FencingWA competition calendar, there are still two U13/U15 state competitions to be held prior to the Nationals in July:

U13/U15 #1

1st April (Epee)

8th April (Foil)

9th April (Sabre)

U13/U15 #2

24th June (Epee)

24th June (Foil)

25th June (Sabre)

There is also a Cadets (U17’s) competition

June 3rd (Foil)

June 4th (Sabre)

June 18th (Epee)

FencingWA would like to see as many eligible fencers as possible taking this opportunity to enjoy this fencing experience.

Please consider entering your children in this event, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 


Kind Regards,

Alanah Maclaurin,

FencingWA Tournament Director