Changes to Late Entry Policy

FencingWA has amended the competition entry policy to allow for on the day entries. Super late entries will be accepted from 10pm on the Wednesday night before the competition up until roll call.

It is important to have an accurate list of entrants well in advance of the event in order to allow for allocating referees, setting up the events, starting on time, etc. On-the-day entries have not been allowed since 2015 and this has been enforced progressively more strictly. In the vast majority of cases, fencers and parents have adjusted to the requirements and enter on time without problems. However, feedback from the fencing community indicates that more flexibility should be shown on occasion to avoid discouraging participation.

In response to this feedback, a new facility has been added that allows for participation by fencers who have not entered prior to the close of Normal Entries at 10 PM on Sunday and Late Entries at 10 PM on Wednesday before the event. This Super Late Entry option is effective immediately and allows for entry at the DT’s discretion, up to the start of check-in 10 minutes prior to the event start time.

It has been added to the Competitions section of the FencingWA site. The direct link is:

Similar to AFF practice, in order to discourage a mass of late entries that would cause problems for the smooth running of the event, the fee for such an entry is double that of an entry made before the cut-off point. In FencingWA’s case, this is $60. This fee also covers the maximum possible cost of an additional referee, should one be required and available.