Board of Directors

Sharon Dale


I am a parent of a fencer at UWA fencing club. I have been involved in organising fundraising activities and organising various events such as the Asian Masters in 2015 and National Cadets/U15 this year. I always enjoy watching my son fence, even though it gets a bit too nerve-racking at times. 


Ian Foster


I was introduced into the fencing community when my son Matt first fenced foil at UWA Fencing Club and represented Western Australia. Matt no longer does so much fencing but I enjoy being a part of the community and do a bit of beginners fencing myself. I remain the worst fencer in the club, so I can only improve my ranking. I work in climate forecasting, which is irrelevant for fencing as we are indoors.


Chris Stronach


I started fencing in 2013, in my forties, although I’d been wanting to try it for a long time. I initially fenced epee, but after a couple of years picked up sabre as well, and have fenced epee at state and national opens, and sabre at state and national veteran level. I’m a state-level referee for epee.
As well as fencing, I’ve been involved in national competitions in WA as a volunteer, usually as a first aider.
In 2017 I took on the role of rankings and results officer for Fencing WA. Fencing WA has honoured me with the award of Fairest and Best in 2017, and joint Volunteer of the Year in 2018.
As well as improving my fencing at an individual level, I want to make sure that we support long-term growth of the sport in WA, so we can sustain a strong national presence, and introduce the sport to as many people as possible, as fencers, officials, coaches and supporters.


Kylie Caunt


I started my journey into the world of fencing in 1999 at Cavalier Fencing Club, initially taking up foil before discovering a love of epee. Since the very beginning I have regularly competed at both local and national levels, in all 3 weapons and have held both the State Women Open and Veteran Women Epee Championship title.
I bring to the board my previous experience serving as Treasurer on the W.A.F.A committee which saw me help them raise money for the first Australian Fencing Competition when held in WA in 2003. I took a break in 2004-2005 due injury and world travel, returning in 2006 to continue my fencing career. In 2008 I took on the Head Coach role at my club, Cavalier’s, where I also restructured how the sessions where run to focus on fitness, footwork and blade skills. In 2012 I helped set up the club handicap competitions for all 3 weapons which welcomes competitors from all clubs across WA as well as visitors from interstate and overseas. The competition focuses on allowing fencers of all levels to compete in a fun and friendly environment.
My volunteering in fencing over the years has seen me receive multiple awards including City of Stirling Community Coaching Award and life membership with both Cavalier Fencing Club and Fencing WA.
My interests as a Director of the Board are in coaching and development.