Meet the Board

President- Sharon Dale

I am a parent of a fencer at UWA fencing club. I have been involved in organising fundraising activities and organising various events such as the Asian Masters in 2015 and National Cadets/U15 this year. I always enjoy watching my son fence, even though it gets a bit too nerve-racking at times. 



Treasurer- Ian Foster

I was introduced into the fencing community when my son Matt first fenced foil at UWA Fencing Club and represented Western Australia. Matt no longer does so much fencing but I enjoy being a part of the community and do a bit of beginners fencing myself. I remain the worst fencer in the club, so I can only improve my ranking. I work in climate forecasting, which is irrelevant for fencing as we are indoors.



Louise Johnson         

I started fencing when I was nine and fell in love with the sport. I’ve been volunteering for both my club and the state in a variety of roles for years, and I have represented the state in all three weapons. Iaddition to fencing, I’ve refereed epee and foil at a state level as soon as I left the Under 13 category. I now referee all three weapons at a state level, and I’m currently working towards gaining national accreditation in all three weapons.



Internal and External Communications, Publicity and Inquiries Officer – Cedric Bauer

Nine year old me stumbled across fencing after reading about it in a sports encyclopaedia. Foil has stuck with me ever since and now I try to give a little bit back to this great community. I’m currently sponsored by UWA for my fencing, where I’m locked in to do a Masters in Education to become a high school teacher after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Biology & Science Communication. Amongst some of my current jobs, I enjoy casual employment at Scitech, the Australian Science Communicators (National Co-Editor), and being self-employed as a Contract Carpenter. I also referee and direct tournaments for some State, UNI Games & National Competitions and I give weekly private lessons to my young protégé Matthew.