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WA Results

Filename / LinkSize
U13 Final-2019 MixedSaber.html26.67 Kb
U13 Final-2019 MixedFoil.html26.72 Kb
U13 Final 2019 MixedEpee.html30.97 Kb
U17 01-2019 MixedSabre.html25.17 Kb
U17 01-2019 MixedEpee.html20.96 Kb
U17 Final-2019 Mixed Sabre.htm27.5 Kb
U17 Final-2019 Mixed Foil.htm27 Kb
U15 Final-2019 Mixed Sabre.htm45.61 Kb
U17 Final-2019 MixedEpee.html25.21 Kb
U15 Final-2019 MixedEpee.html39.49 Kb
Open Final-2019 Mixed Epee.html68.98 Kb
Open Final-2019 Mixed Sabre.html43.27 Kb
Open Final-2019 Mixed Foil.html32.19 Kb
Veteran Final-2019 Mixed Epee.html40.2 Kb
Veteran Final-2019 MIxed Sabre.html31.8 Kb
Novice Final-2019 Mens Epee.html20.58 Kb
Junior Final-2019 MixedSabre.html20.66 Kb
Junior Final-2019 MixedEpee.html37.58 Kb
Junior Final-2019 MixedFoil.html25.68 Kb
Veteran 02-2019 Mixed Sabre.html39.39 Kb
U13 02-2019 MixedEpee.html38.65 Kb
Novice 02-2019 MixedSabre.html25.39 Kb
Novice 02-2019 Mixed Epee.htm25.98 Kb
Veteran 02-2019 Mixed Epee.htm22.24 Kb
U13 02-2019 MixedSaber.html31.41 Kb
U13 02-2019 MixedFoil.html29.15 Kb
Open 03-2019 MixedSabre.html32.2 Kb
Open 03-2019 Mixed Foil.html32.17 Kb
Open 03-2019 Mixed Epee.html46.46 Kb
Junior 02-2019 MixedSabre.html30.75 Kb
Junior 02-2019 MensEpee.html20.99 Kb
Open 02-2019 MixedFoil.htm40.47 Kb
Open 02-2019 MensSabre.htm40.09 Kb
ExcaliburMastersMixedSabre.html41.89 Kb
ExcaliburMastersMixedFoil.html31.69 Kb
ExcaliburMastersMixedEpee.html45.8 Kb
Junior 02-2019 Mens Foil.html29.23 Kb
Veteran 01-2019 MixedSabre.html32.16 Kb
Veteran 01-2019 MixedEpee.html40.61 Kb
Open 02-2019 WomensSabre.htm28.9 Kb
Novice 01-2019 MixedSabre.html20.96 Kb
Novice 01-2019 MixedFoil.html20.94 Kb
U17 02-2019 MixedSabre.html31.24 Kb
U17 02-2019 MixedFoil.html28.36 Kb
U17 02-2019 MixedEpee.html30.81 Kb
U15 02-2019 MixedSabre.html39.14 Kb
U15 02-2019 MixedEpee.html39.23 Kb
U13 01-2019 MixedEpee.html31.03 Kb
U15 01-2019 MixedSaber.html28.19 Kb
U15 01-2019 MixedEpee.html31.1 Kb
U13 01-2019 Mixed Sabre.htm42.27 Kb
U13 01-2019 Mixed Foil.htm31.77 Kb
Junior 01-2019 MixedSabre.html31.63 Kb
Junior 01-2019 MixedFoil.html21.01 Kb
Junior 01-2019 MixedEpee.html30.9 Kb
Open 01-2019 MixedEpee.html65.43 Kb
Open 01-2019 MensSabre.html28.23 Kb
Open 01-2019 WomensSabre.html25.64 Kb
Open 01-2019 MixedFoil.html45.86 Kb

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