Modern PentathlonWA Event

Interested in trying fencing in a whole new way?

Modern Pentathlon WA is running the Inaugural W.A. Modern Pentathlon/Tetrathlon State Championships in Perth on May 6 and 7.

There will be a range of events from the full Pentathlon to a Triathlon with athletes from around the country coming to try their hand, horse and epee against our own Pentathletes.

The events include:

  1. Modern Pentathlon (UIPM) – Ride, Swim, Fence, Combined (Run/Shoot)
  2. Tetrathlon (Pony Club Style) – Ride, Swim, Run, Shoot (Laser Pistols 10m)
  3. Tetrathlon (UIPM) – Swim, Fence, Combined (Run/Shoot)
  4. Triathle (UIPM) – Swim, Combined (Run/Shoot)

There is no need to provide any equipment, beyond fencing equipment if you have it, as Modern Pentathlon has organised laser pistols and pool horses for hire. For more information, please see the expressions of interest form MP EOI May17 or contact Charis Neumann at