First Round of FWA Open Events 2017

A Big Congratulations to all the athletes that competed in the first state open event of 2017.

Sabre: Saturday 11th March.

Whilst many of us were busy enjoying a democracy sausage sizzle, our sabre fencers were fighting it out for the first open points of the season. Congratulations to Alex Brown (EXC) and Emma Johnson (EXC) on winning the men’s and women’s events respectively.


Epee- Sunday 12th March   

Our Epee fencers were up early on Sunday morning braving the sudden onset of winter to compete against each other for ranking points and valuable experience. Well done to John Downes (UWA) and Bernadette Lee (SFC) on their respective wins.



Foil- Sunday 12th March

Our foil fencers also spent Sunday competing, some having also done the epee event that morning. Well done to Marek Jamrozy (SFC) and Abigail Lee (EXC) on their wins. Marek and Abigail both won their finals 15-11 against Cedric Bauer (CAVS), Gabriella Ullaga (CAVS) respectively.



The 2017 rankings are up to date after the weekend’s events


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