2016 – Medals and championships for WA fencers

At the awards ceremony on 4 December, President Hugh McCrackan highlighted the achievements of WA fencers at national and international level. WA fencers brought home a total of 22 Australian and International Championships for WA fencers and teams, plus 34 other Australian and International podium placings.

Individual Australian Championships

Under 15 Epee – George Dale;  Under 23 Sabre – Jadryn Dick; Veteran Sabre 50+ – Steve Johnson; Veteran Sabre 60+ – Gary Sudran

Australian Team Championships

Men’s Open Epee Team;  Men’s Open Sabre Team;  Veteran Foil Team;  Under 15 Epee Team

Australian Club Team Championships

Women’s Foil – Cavaliers;  Men’s Sabre – Excalibur

Individual International Championships

Asian Masters/Oceania Veterans 40+ Sabre – Malcolm Davies; Asian Masters/Oceania Veterans 50+ Sabre – Steve Johnson; Asian Masters/Oceania Veterans 70+ Sabre – Gary Sudran; Asian Masters/Oceania Veterans 70+ Epee – Gary Sudran; Oceania Veterans 70+ Foil – Gary Sudran

Commonwealth Veterans 50+ Sabre – Steve Johnson Commonwealth Veterans 70+ Sabre – Gary Sudran Commonwealth Veterans 70+ Epee- Gary Sudran Commonwealth Veterans 70+ Foil – Gary Sudran

International Team Championships

Asian Masters/Oceania Veterans Sabre – Steve Johnson, Gary Sudran;  Commonwealth Veterans Sabre – Steve Johnson, Damian Kneale;  Commonwealth Veterans Foil – Steve Johnson, Damian Kneale; 

AFC Championships Individual Top 3 Medals

AFC Open Championships Sabre Bronze – Sutherlan Scudds;  AFC Open Championships Epee Bronze – Axel Vekemans;  AFC Veteran Championships Sabre Silver – Steve Johnson;  AFC Veteran Championships Foil Bronze – Steve Johnson;  AFC Under 23 Championships Sabre Bronze – Sian Webster;  AFC Junior Championships Epee Bronze – Nikita Mawhirt;  AFC Cadet Championships Epee Bronze – George Dale;  AFC Under 15 Championships Epee Bronze – Emma Johnson;  AFC Under 15 Championships Sabre Bronze – Emma Johnson

Other AFC Individual Top 3 Medals

AFC1 Veteran Epee Gold – Adrian Paxman;  AFC1 Veteran Sabre Bronze – Steve Johnson;  AFC2 Open Epee Bronze – John Downes;  AFC2 Open Foil Bronze – Abi Lee;  AFC2 Veteran Epee Gold – Adrian Paxman;  AFC2 Veteran Sabre Bronze – Damian Kneale;  AFC3 Open Epee Gold – John Downes;  AFC3 Open Epee Silver – Bernardette Lee;  AFC3 Open Foil Bronze – Abi Lee;  AFC3 Open Foil Bronze – Marek Jamrozy;  AFC3 Open Sabre Gold – Jadryn Dick;  AFC3 Open Sabre Bronze – Andrew Scott;  AFC3 Open Sabre Bronze – Sian Webster; 

Other AFC3/Asian Masters/Oceania Veteran Individual Top 3 Medals Foil Bronze 50+ – Steve Johnson; Foil Bronze 60+ – Sandy Schwarz; Sabre Silver 40+ – Damian Kneale; Sabre Bronze 50+ – Max Lebedev; Sabre Bronze 50+ – Richie Kuhaupt; Sabre Bronze 70+ – Robert Wong; Sabre Silver 35+ – E-K Gulland; Sabre Silver 60+ – Lindy Porter; Epee Bronze 40+ – Ben Peden; Epee Bronze 40+ – Bobby Emmanuel; Epee Bronze 50+ – Izzy Ellis; Epee Bronze 60+ – Sandy Schwarz